Sunday, 12 April 2009

Colin Baker

As it may be apparent from the frequency of posts about Dr Who on my blog it is fair to say it is a major influence on my work. Looking at classic Dr Who through adult eyes I find that the storylines, scenes, effects, costumes and sets weren't always realised as effectively as they could have been with a few gems here and there. But it didn't affect my enjoyment of it as a child as you see things differently and there was a charm about the programme.
The 6th Doctor was played by Colin Baker, not a personal favourite of mine but the character has influenced one of my manners and etiquette Illustrations. Colin Baker is remembered among other things as the Doctor with the clashing frock coat. It was recommended by the producer at the beginning of his era that the character's coat should be 'totally tasteless' which many would agree affected Baker's performance in a negative way.
The coat is what has inspired my latest illustration which covers 'Dress Code'. Baker's coat is made out of different patterns, colours and textures and it is impossible to see how the coat could be appropriate for any social occassion, it is anti social. My illustration combines suit dress appropriate for formal occasions and business situations with a jumper for casual occasions. The styles clash, the suit has a barcode pattern and the jumper is decorated with morse code as I wanted to communicate the code part of dress. You may ask the dress code of a place or occasion which is why I've incorporated a question mark as a coat hanger.

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