Monday, 13 April 2009

Abram Games

One of my all time favourite graphic designers is Abram Games. He is credited as one of the most successful and influential graphic designers of the twentieth century and it is not difficult to see why. The communication of messages in his work are strong and his style is instantly recognisable. Maximum meaning minimum means is the addage that he used favouring simple designs with a powerful message and I strongly believe in this notion. His clients were Shell, The Financial Times, London Transport, British Airways, United Nations and Guiness. He also during the second World War was made poster artist designing 100 posters for the war effort. His career in the industry spanned 60 years and was once when describing his work was quoted as saying, 'I wind the spring, and the public in looking at the poster will have that spring released in its mind'. I would love to achieve the same success and influence that Games did in his lifetime. One of Games's posters that has influenced my newest illustration on dress code is for the Finacial Times seen above. I love the way the object of a newspaper is combined with a pair of legs so it becomes a character.

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