Saturday, 21 March 2009

Meeting at YCN

The YCN was established in 2001 to celebrate new talent in design and visual communication. An offshoot of the YCN is the YCN agency which looks for illustrators and designers for varied projects for clients. It was great to see their studio and talk to the directors, we were shown examples of illustrators working for the agency including Ben Jones, an ex student of Stockport College. We had the opportunity to show our portfolios to two women who advised us on the layout of our portfolios and our ideas. When it came to my turn I was pleased with their response as they commented on my Orange poster from the second year saying that it was an optimistic image which is what they look for. I was asked about the context of my images and the scale of them which I thought sounded promising. I mentioned my Ibook but unfortunately I didn't take it with me but I also said that my images could be seen in many formats and sizes frm A4 to the side of a building!

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