Saturday, 21 March 2009

Richard Keenan- Timeout

While in London I was able to see Richard Keenan, the art editor from Timeout magazine. I managed to find my way to the Timeout office on Tottenham Court road and waited for him in the lobby. I had expected to be called upstairs to his office but he came downstairs to see me and we spoke on the sofa.
After recovering from a very embarrassing coughing fit aided by a kindly offered glass of water from Keenan I began discussing my portfolio. I discussed the simplicity of my style combining a graphic approach with photographic elements and the ideas for my imagery.
He asked me how long I had been an Illustrator for and when I told him I was still studying he asked me why I was making appointments with art directors. I explained that I was trying to get a head start before I graduate as I really do want to be an Illustrator. He said to me it isn't going to be easy and it would be a challenge for me to which I said I feel confident about, he thought this was a positive response. While looking through my portfolio he commented that he liked my style and that it was similar to Otto Dettmer's whom he said he had commissioned in the past. I think it was a positive interview as Keenan asked me to email him a pdf of my latest work when I graduate.

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