Friday, 23 January 2009

Matthew Richardson

I emailed Matthew Richardson last year enquiring about his thoughts on Fine Art & illustration. My questions related to both areas and the idea of the two areas coming together. I also asked him whether he classed himself as an illustrator/fine artist. He reponded by saying that he doesn't class himself as an illustrator/fine artist but says rather sometimes "I illustrate" and or sometimes "I do my own work". He acknowledged that the edges of the two areas have blurred wishing there was more respect for each side from each side. He went on to say that he sees people as practitioners and the fine arts could learn alot from illustration. In terms of his work for exhibition he says he wants to communicate different things to different people whereas direct visual communication is needed in his illustration work. My opinion of him has changed since last year when he worked with us in the sense that i saw him as just an illustrator whereas now I seem him as purely a practitioner.

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